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Learn more about Nick Ross and The RTN Realty Advisors Difference in Real Estate Services

The RTN Realty Advisors Difference
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Nicholas Ross


RTN Realty Advisors LLC provides residential and commercial sales, leasing and property management services. Our agents are committed to giving clients the best possible experience with a multi-tiered approach to marketing and agent support. No matter how large or small a transaction is, our clients receive the highest-level of service to generate the best possible results. 

RTN Realty Advisors LLC is owned by RTN Federal Credit Union, a non-profit organization with 50k+ members and almost $1B in assets. The credit union owning our organization allows us access to a network of people across Massachusetts. Not a credit union member? That’s just fine, you aren’t required to have ties at all. You will still receive the value that we are able to offer when such a large financial institution backs our success. The bottom line is that our setup as a brokerage owned by a non-profit allows for us to focus on the education and service side of the transaction. We are able to focus solely on doing a good job while providing our clients all the value of a full service brokerage. 

RTN Realty Advisors LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RTN Federal Credit Union. The Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure is found at

Taking the Key
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